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Structural Engineering Solutions | Residential & Commercial
Residential Driveway Heaving

Why not Building Codes for residential driveways?

Our company, Complete Building Solutions, investigates construction defects – including but not limited to the…

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Patio door not working

Patio Door Malfunctions

This time of year we tend to receive a lot of calls from homeowner associations…

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Structural Engineering Home Inspection in Minnesota

Home Inspection Services vs. Engineering Services

Here at CBS, we are often times called in to find deficiencies in the building…

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Loud Booms in the attic can be detrimental.

Why does my house make loud boom and cracking noises during the cold of winter?

This week, Heather Brown from WCCO 4 News, contacted me because she heard Complete Building…

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The Vices of Ices: How to get Rid of Ice at your Home

Minnesota winters produce harsh winds, dark skies, and snow. But, the most precarious weather consequence…

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