Thermal Imaging-Through Engineer’s Eyes

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Thermal imaging is like unlocking a secret code and reading the heat loss in your home. Where is your money seeping out of your walls and attic? This is a question that needs to be asked more regularly to prevent small problems from growing larger. Engineers and contractors can inspect a home and immediately locate disparities between hot and frigid air by a visual inspection. Here are some obvious signs that a homeowner can use to gauge their home’s performance and heat loss in the chilly winter month

Symptoms such as high electric bills, ice dams, mold, nail pops, roof degradation, drafts, moisture intrusion, and loud “booms” in the attic are all clues that an underlying problem may exist. Frequently, the issue is due to heat loss in the attic. If heat is allowed to flow freely from your home’s conditioned living space, into the unconditioned living space, such as the attic, your house is NOT optimally performing. Heat loss is not only costly but if left “unleashed”, it is potentially causing serious damage to the structural components of your attic.

Ice Dam Prevention MN

One way that Complete Building Solutions helps clients discover heat loss is by use of infrared thermography, otherwise known as Thermal Imaging. We take images of your home and discover where temperature disparities are located, such as insulation anomalies, air leakage, and heat loss is occurring. Some of the common locations are windows, doors, outer-wall electrical outlets, vents, etc.


We have worked with many homeowners, townhome and condo associations who were having incredibly high energy bills and ice dams. After our investigations, we provided our clients with a detailed report of issues and provided a scope of remedy and managed the project through completion. Our clients saw significant energy bills decrease.

If you have questions regarding your home’s performance, please give us a call at 612-868-2922.

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