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 Even on the tightest of timeless, our structural engineering teams serve real estate agents and their clients by facilitating structural engineering inspections and reporting when a home inspector “red flags” an item on their report or when they simply need peace of mind to proceed with closing.

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Saving you money & providing long-term solutions

We can help!

  • Performing inspections and generating reports addressing structural “areas of concern” or other transaction requirements
  • Providing you with negotiation power and potentially saving you thousands
  • Supplying factual information about the structure’s “bones” 

Foundation, garage floor/apron, or retaining wall inspection

It is common for a potential buyer or home inspector to have concerns about foundations, garage floors, or retaining walls. Complete Building Solutions’ structural engineers perform inspections to determine if the questionable items are structurally sound, and if not, can prepare a practical scope of work to remedy the issues. Contact us to set up your structural engineering inspection.

kitchen remodel before and after

Remodeling opportunities

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Many buyers purchase a home because of “The Potential” and are fully prepared to remodel. If walls will be knocked out, a structural engineer is essential to determine load bearing walls and to engineer new structural systems. Complete Building Solutions can inspect a home and help you plan and budget accordingly to achieve your vision.

Structural Alterations

If you plan to alter structural components of a home, you will need an engineering inspection. Examples of structural alterations are: egress window addition, removal of a column or load bearing wall or any form of addition where framing is altered.  Complete Building Solutions can analyze your desired changes and provide you with a report and scope of work for the project.

Settling or Cracks

Settling and cracks can indicate structural issues. This is a major concern for potential home buyers and sellers alike. Hire Complete Building Solutions to perform an inspection & generate a report of findings to eliminate post-purchase surprises.

Structural defect or poor workmanship

It is important to cover your bases before purchasing or selling a home. Complete Building Solutions provides inspections and reporting for questionable items such as sagging beams, water intrusion, cracked foundations, temporary supports, or poor workmanship. Warning! Some of these items are not covered in a regular home inspection.

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