Complete Building Solutions is an engineering and consulting firm based out of Golden Valley, Minnesota. We understand that buildings are NOT just constructed, they are engineered. This fundamental mindset is the difference we bring to a project. Our depth of knowledge as engineers and consultants runs deep because of our hands-on experience in the construction industry. We know how well-designed buildings should perform and when they are lacking, we implement and create solutions.


Complete Building Solutions removes the mystery behind structural engineering; bridging the gap between construction and engineering in a consumer-friendly way. After 40 years of wearing a pouch, building high-end homes from soil to roof-tops and discovering the technical secrets of lasting building performance, our founder, Rob Vassallo, realized his passion for consumer advocacy.

Founding Complete Building Solutions (CBS), Rob wanted to bring structural engineering to homeowners, contractors, realtors, insurance adjusters, management companies, homeowner associations and other home performance stakeholders in a non-intimidating way.

From our inspections, our drawings, our reporting and our desire to help our clients we make engineering simple and valuable to our customers. Our passion and commitment to YOU is what gets us out the door and to your home as fast as possible (typically within a few days).

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Our Mission

Complete Building Solutions offers engineering services for commercial and residential projects. Our mission is to provide quick cost effective structural engineering solutions for our customers. We will work with you, your architect, or design team to attain effective results.

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