Structural Plan Detailing

Complete Building Solutions serves architects, designers, and their clients by providing structural engineering plan details & drawings for their projects large and small.

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Complete Building Solutions works with architects and designers to provide clients with structural plan detailing or drawings for new construction or remodel projects. With recent building code enforcements, architects and their clients need structural engineers more than ever. Click here to learn more.


Regardless if you’re building a new deck or re-doing a deck of the same size, you may need to obtain a building permit from your city (check your cities regulations for more details). To do this, the city typically requires 2 sets of Construction Plans consisting of the site plan, framing plan, and cross-section. Complete Building Solutions can engineer such plans to ensure every detail is code compliant and structurally sound. 

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before and after of home remodel

Remodels, modifications, or new construction

Complete Building Solutions works with architects and designers to add structural detailing to remodel, modification, or new construction plans. Details regarding the load carrying structural systems such as live load, dead load, and environmental loads like wind, thermal, and seismic are essential for a home’s longevity and for permit approval.

Foundation Plan

Complete Building Solutions structural engineers can develop a foundation plan for your remodel or new construction project.

house foundation plan

Structural member sizings

Complete Building Solution’s hands-on and practical approach to plan detailing and member sizing has helped hundreds of dreams manifest into reality. We engineer:

  • Beams
  • Columns 
  • Girders
  • Posts
  • Footings
  • Floor & roof members
  • Correct fasteners

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