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Our founder recognizes the value in developing a team that combines both experienced home builders and talented structural engineers. This factor makes us stand out as the go-to structural engineering firm for many of Minnesota’s best construction companies.

hands-on construction veterans and highly disciplined engineers

Do it right the first time. Avoid future issues. Hire us!

Every contractor has a favorite structural engineer on speed dial in their phone. This is because when things go wrong, they need quick assistance to avoid project delays.

Call Complete Building Solutions: 

  • A city requires a structural engineer’s approval for a building permit to be released
  • You need blueprints engineered 
  • An unplanned modification was made to a structural component of a project (you realize the plumber over cut a structural member!)
  • You want an engineered scope of work for a project or insurance claim to perform correct work and obtain proper funding or claim approval 

Blueprint Engineering

Complete Building Solutions provides AutoCAD® or red-line blueprint engineering for commercial, multifamily, and residential properties.
  • Tall wall
  • Load bearing wall
  • Shear wall
  • Wall bracing
  • Headers
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Posts
  • Footings
  • Underground wall supports
  • Foundation
  • Truss repair
  • Retaining wall
Keep projects moving on schedule by hiring us to engineer your blueprints today!
blueprint engineering
engineer inspecting home

Inspections & scopes of repair

Complete Building Solutions uses their forensic gifts to perform unrivaled engineering inspections and reporting for your structural concerns. This may include:

  • Load bearing wall 
  • Foundation cracks
  • Altered, notched, or questionable structural members
  • Remodels, new construction, additions
  • Building permit requirements

Engineered scopes of work for insurance claims

Disputing with insurance companies to obtain approval for a proper scope of work halts projects before they begin and can lead to scopes of repair which do not fully comply with manufacturers specifications and industry standards. Complete Building Solutions’ streamlined system helps combat this issue. In Minnesota, an area with high occurrences of storm and hail damage, our services help contractors obtain correct funding so they can perform code compliant work while following manufacturer specifications and industry standards.

insurance claim from storm damage
engineer report

Unbiased third-party reporting

Complete Building Solutions offers third—party reporting services, unbiased reports focusing on existing construction issues and how to properly overcome them. Whether you need help with an insurance claim or simply want an engineered scope of work as another layer of protection, Complete Building Solutions can act as your advocate and bodyguard.

Why our reports work:

  • No other team combines lifelong construction veterans with cutting-edge structural engineers
  • Our diverse perspective allows us to create scopes that are actually functional and adhere to manufacturer’s specifications and Minnesota & International building codes
  • Our forensic investigative training is unlike any other program; we find damage where other professionals can’t

Emergency services

When emergencies happen, you need a resolution, and you need it fast. Luckily, our astute team can facilitate this. We will perform an inspection and provide you with the temporary and long-term solutions necessary to fix your problem.

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