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Home Flippers- Do your research BEFORE you buy

Home Flippers! Have you ever purchased a home only to find out that it had…

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Remove Load Bearing Wall

DIY’s & House Flippers! How to Know When You Need to Consult with a Licensed Engineer

This blog is for all the handy husbands and professional home flippers out there. We…

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shingle damage

Is the Summer Heat Damaging your Roof?

Watch the video below to learn how the Minnesota summer heat can damage your roof and…

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Driveway buckling issues

Tired of your asphalt buckling?

Now that the snow and ice have melted off your driveway, you will probably be…

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Improper subgrades

Heaving Concrete & Asphalt-Subgrade

In Minnesota, there are some excellent references that can be used as a guide for…

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Sheetrock Cracks from Water Invasion

With 2016 being one of the wettest years in Minnesota on record, you may be…

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