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Ceiling Crack

Ceiling Cracks on New Construction – An Expensive Mistake

Complete Building Solutions gets calls weekly regarding visible cracks in walls and ceilings. Many times,…

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garage -header-shear -wall-calculation-structural -engineer

DIY Remodeling: Shearwalls Matter

A shearwall is a wall that is designed to handle not only vertical loads but…

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structural engineers

The Dangers of Cutting Concrete without an Engineer

Complete Building Solutions was recently called out to inspect the concrete slab on a 36 story…

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Ice Dams vs. Natural Ice Build-up

I find that homeowners often confuse natural melt/freeze ice build-up with a systemic ice dam…

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Frost on roof deck-frost in attic

What’s with the Frost in my Attic?

This January the temperatures in Minneapolis have reached a low of -16 degrees F and…

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