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Structural Engineering Solutions | Residential & Commercial

16 Reasons to Hire a Residential Structural Engineer

Knowing when to hire a residential structural engineer can be confusing. It’s not often that…

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Structurally Sound Foundation [Update 2019]

Step and horizontal cracking in your home can indicate that your foundation is under stress.…

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garage -header-shear -wall-calculation-structural -engineer

DIY Remodeling: Shearwalls Matter [Update 2019]

A shearwall is a wall that is designed to handle not only vertical loads but…

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FINE PRINT ALERT [Update 2019]

Many of the large insurance companies can make it very difficult for home and building…

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Complete Building Solutions overseeing steel structure construction

What Does A Structural Engineer Do? Everything You Need To Know.

Structural engineers focus on the physical integrity and design of projects such as buildings, bridges,…

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Garage Apron fail

Garage Apron Failure

What is a garage apron?   A garage apron is a section of asphalt or concrete…

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