FINE PRINT ALERT [Update 2022]

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Many of the large insurance companies can make it very difficult for home and building owners to receive the maximum insurance funds in a catastrophe.

Additionally, they will constantly move the goal post, re-writing their policy language. After you file a claim, insurance companies send out their inspection adjusters and you are notified of your final claim dollars.

Often times building owners find themselves in a  situation where they are denied or need to negotiate with insurance companies and show evidence to get their full coverage on severely damaged exterior building products. I know this first hand.

Over the decades, after overseeing the completion of over 50,000 roofs, I have seen insurance companies continually change claim coverage on crucial exterior building components.

About 15 years ago, my own home was hit by a horrific hail storm leaving nearly two inches of shingle granules in my gutters. Shingle granules are vital in preserving the lifetime of the roof by protecting the underlying asphalt from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

This impact, to my new 40 year shingles, cut their life in half.

I assumed my insurance company would cover such loss but they had discontinued granular loss coverage for some reason from hail damage. The news was quite a blow knowing that without granules the shingles will not last…period.

hail damage

Through 40 years of field and personal experience dealing with hail and insurance companies, I have compiled a team to bridge the gap between building owners and the insurance companies. As a local engineering consulting firm it is our goal to help you in these situations and be your consumer advocate!

Storm damage is covered on your policy. But, it is my fear that damaged pertinent materials necessary to protect your home’s long-term health, may not get coverage for the reasons mentioned above. Contact us with questions, we want to make sure your home performs and is sheltered from the storm AND fine print.

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