Complete Building Solutions is an engineering and consulting service that applies classic science-based solutions to residential and commercial construction.

Structural Engineering Services



  • Load Bearing Wall Assessment
  • Settling or Cracks
  • Structural Defect/Poor Craftsmanship
  • Footings or Beam Sizings

Real estate transaction

  • Foundation, garage floor/apron, or retaining wall inspection
  • Remodeling opportunities
  • Settling or cracks
  • Structural defect or poor workmanship

Structural Plan Detailing or Drawings

  • Decks
  • Remodels, modifications, or new construction
  • Foundation plan
  • Structural member sizings from soils to rooftops

Structural assessment

  • Foundation, garage apron, or retaining wall
  • Settling, cracks, or structural defect
  • Insurance claims: storm & fire
  • Attic, roof, deck, siding, ice dam
  • Construction Defect
  • Solar

Contractor Services

  • Engineered scopes of work for insurance claims
  • Engineered scopes of work for insurance claims
  • Inspections & scopes of repair:
  • Emergency services
  • Unbiased third party reporting

Project management

  • Project oversight
  • Multi Family Dwellings Condo/Townhomes
  • Industrial/Commercial
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