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Structural Engineering Solutions | Residential & Commercial

Our Services

We Create Building Solutions that Last!

Complete Building Solutions is an engineering and consulting service that applies class “old school craft” skills to residential and commercial construction. Our analysis and planning go well beyond the basic “build and fix” approach. In doing this, we provide lasting solutions that foresee and prevent potential issues that occur over time. Our experts can be found pioneering new construction & remodel, investigating & correcting poor craftsmanship, performing building inspections, maximizing building efficiency, and performing project management.

Who We Serve


Complete Building Solutions has provided engineering, consulting, and construction defect services to hundreds of property managers & homeowners associations throughout the state of Minnesota…

Complete Building Solutions provides architects & designers with design, engineering and construction solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of building code…

Realtors call upon Complete Building Solutions for structural and forensic engineering services. We provide thorough engineering inspections that go deeper than the typical inspection and also provide assessments, reports, and nondisclosures…


We work with plaintiff litigators on construction defect cases. At the helm of some of the largest construction defect cases in the state….


Foresight beats hindsight. Contractors & Developers utilize Complete Building Solutions expertise in structural design, engineering & consulting daily. Our seasoned team provides contractors & developers with efficient structural calculations, designs, engineers’ approval letters….

Complete Building Solutions is the advocate of the homeowner…..

Our Services

Structural Engineering

Did you know that many city’s governing bodies call for an engineer’s approval to provide a project with a proper building permit? The Complete Building Solutions engineers can provide many services including those that require a Minnesota Certified Engineer.

Forensic Services

The result of combining a 45 year home builder with a 55 year structural engineer is the ultimate home detective. We provide clients with turn key forensic services to ensure that their buildings perform. Our knowledge base also includes experience in litigation and deposition.

Building Performance

Complete Building Solutions does what our name implies. We create solutions that make buildings last and perform. This includes new construction, additions, remodels, and construction defect remediation for residential and commercial construction.

Project Management

Our project management skills are hired out by contractors, developers, homeowners associations, homeowners, and other stakeholders who want peace of mind that every inch of the work done on their property is done with integrity and care. Every nail counts. Every shingle counts. Everything you can’t see counts even more. That’s where our project management differs. Our solid system was set up to provide a protective blanket over your home or project.

Home Inspections

Getting a home inspection is beneficial to both sides of a home-purchase transaction because it eliminates surprises, costly lawsuits, and repairs. For these reasons, it is a good idea to have your building inspected before putting it on the market. Complete Building Solutions highly skilled staff provides such inspections for buyers and sellers and provides detailed reports of findings. Based on this report our customers can decide whether to make necessary repairs (and potentially UP their listing price) or disclose to a buyer what items won’t be repaired.

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