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Loud Booms In The Attic Can Be Detrimental.

Why does my house make loud boom and cracking noises during the cold of winter?

This week, Heather Brown from WCCO 4 News, contacted me because she heard Complete Building Solutions is known as the Twin Cities Premier Engineering Firm who deals in building performance.  A lot of her listeners contacted the station with a “Good Question”. They were wondering why their homes make big boom sounds or loud cracking noises when it’s cold. Heather wanted to get answers to this age old question from two professionals, a home construction builder, and a structural engineer consultant(CBS).  The builder commented that it was “no big deal” and “just a settling of the home”. When in fact, the loud booming and cracking sounds could be a signal of issues that are actually quite detrimental to the performance of the home.

As a structural and building performance firm, here at CBS we spend all of our time consulting and resolving these issues. The biggest reason for the boom sounds and the expanding and contracting, or movement in the lumber comes from warm meeting cold in areas where they should not meet.

We advise that you contact us to investigate your home through thermal imagery and non-invasive structural testing. These issues can lead to severe expansion and contraction of lumber, condensation, ice dams, severe energy loss and premature degradation of the homes component’s.

See the WCCO TV spot here: Rob Vassallo on Good Question – WCCO

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