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Forensic Engineering Services

Water Intrusion

When it comes to building maintenance, water is the number one enemy. It can quickly lead to several problems in the envelope including rot, decay, ice dams, and mold. We recommend hiring a consultant to join your spring walkthrough or to manage your project from the start, eliminating risks of construction defect.

Complete Building Solutions water intrusion

Construction Defect

Several defects can occur during or after the construction of a home. Finding and remediating defects is an important step to ensuring the longevity of your home or complex and to ensure building materials last their lifespan to match the estimates in your reserve study. Here are some symptoms of common construction defects that may be causing serious damage to your structure: ice dams, leaky/eroding foundations, missing/curled shingles, cracked/heaving driveways, and sidewalks, and cracked brick.

Complete Building Solutions structural defects


If you have purchased a home with non-disclosed issues, you may be in need of an engineering report. Complete Building Solutions performs detailed home inspections and generates thorough reports to outline existing problems and how those problems will affect the home in the future.

Complete Building Solutions Undisclosed Issues

Hail & Storm Advocacy

As an unbiased third party, Complete Building Solutions can fully inspect your property for weather-related damages. We are the consumer’s advocate when it comes to first-party insurance claims.

Complete Building Solutions storm damage
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