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Building Performance

Watershed Management

Managing water throughout the building envelope is easily one of the most important components to consider when constructing a new project or maintaining current properties. Water can quickly lead to several problems in the envelope including rot, decay, ice dams, and mold. Complete Building Solutions analyses your building from roof to soils to properly integrate efficient water management systems. We look at various elements such as windows, siding, roofing, brick/stone facade, negative grade, and gutters.

Complete Building Solutions watershed management image of a gutter

Soil Correction

Something as basic as choosing the correct base soils for your foundation and driveway can have a huge impact on the overall performance of these fundamental home elements. Several problems such as collapsing/cracked foundations, moisture intrusion, cracked driveways, and buckling garage door aprons can occur if correct soils are not used. Complete Building Solutions engineering staff are highly versed in proper subgrades for various climates and geographical locations.

Complete Building Solutions soil correction services

Ice Dam Elimination

Complete Building Solutions has helped hundreds of clients mitigate their ice dams and reduce energy costs by using a proven system we have developed throughout the years. Our system stands out because it treats the root cause of the problem instead of the symptom in order to permanently eradicate the issue.

Complete Building Solutions ice dam removal services

Thermal Break Technology

Complete Building Solutions writes proficient scopes that focus on eliminating warm meeting cold in the building envelope.

Complete Building Solutions thermal break insulation tech

Energy & Cost Savings

At Complete Building Solutions we believe in efficiency and energy conservation. We start by tackling the largest ‘energy loss areas’ on buildings such as ceilings, attics, windows, and doors. Often times, these ‘energy loss areas’ are NOT performing up to standards. When this happens, it is comparable to heating and cooling your building with the front door and windows open. It is our job to address these issues at the core to conserve both energy and money. Complete Building Solutions has helped to reduce the client’s energy bills by 50%.

Complete Building Solutions energy and cost saving power meter
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