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Rob Vassallo, Principal (CV Link)

If you mention that Rob Vassallo builds or repairs homes, you might get a quick clarification: “I own a building performance engineering firm; we make buildings perform.”From building barns in western Minnesota to becoming a recognized leader in the building engineering industry, Rob's journey has been exceptional. 

Rob began his home and building construction career working for Delbert Philips Construction. “The skills that I learned from Delbert were irreplaceable!” Rob then went on to found AllStar Construction which specialized in roofing, remodeling, siding, greenhouses and additions. He and his team employed old school craftsmanship to maintain the classic legacy of some of St. Paul’s most celebrated historic mansions.

Rob began to realize that things like rooftop ice dams, building creaking, wood rot, sticking doors, window condensation, mildew and more are correctible engineering issues in need of expert solutions – even in modern buildings. After 38 years, Rob sold AllStar to the young men who helped him build it, and founded Complete Building Solutions. He and his team specialize in “building performance engineering.” Rob has even invented new tools and products to maximize his results.

Despite his hectic schedule, Rob donates his time, expertise, and resources to help improve area schools and churches. He also does goodwill work, bringing families and kids to refreshing retreats at his South Dakota lodge. And whenever he finds a sliver of spare time, Rob is a “severe fisherman.” Luckily for the fish, Rob is a very busy guy.

Bruce Polaczyk, P.E. (CV Link)

Bruce came to Complete Building Solutions with over 40 years of experience in civil engineering, drafting, estimating and architecture. After earning his degree from the University of Minnesota, Bruce spent the early part of his career preparing architectural and structural plans including structural building design. He also spent time working for Hennepin County designing bridges and project development for county roads and bridges. More recently Bruce was an instructor at Dunwoody where he taught in the architectural program teaching such courses as Statics and Strength of Materials: wood, concrete and steel design, steel, concrete and civil technology.

Corey Winkler, Consultant

Corey brings over 23 years of residential and commercial construction and remodeling experience to the team at Complete Building Solutions. He studied Landscape Architecture and Business at the University of Minnesota while working his way through college as a carpenter’s apprentice. Utilizing his knowledge of the Spanish language, Corey spent 4 years at one of Minnesota’s leading exterior remodelers interviewing and communicating with contractors from around the country. His role was pinnacle in the execution of 1000s of successful jobs in the metro via coordination of contractors, scheduling with homeowners, orders and deliveries of materials and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout their experience while ensuring installations were performed following manufacturer’s specifications and local/ national building codes. Corey brings a vast knowledge of experience in the construction world and is a major asset to our team.

Lucas Dose, Consultant

Lucas brings a vast knowledge of framing and general construction. Lucas was a residential framer during high school and also while he attended Mankato State University completing a degree in Construction Management. Lucas has been able to apply this knowledge in the field and help customers solve several issues in their homes.

Joey Vassallo, Field Technician

Joey brings to CBS, over three years of thermal break knowledge and physically applying this science to building envelopes in order to allow homes to perform. He also contains a wealth of field experience in exterior remodeling and carpentry. At CBS, Joey performs all forms of invasive and non-invasive building testing and collaborates in remediation efforts. He also collaborates with homeowners and contractors alike while providing general project oversight during ongoing construction.

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