Buildings aren't just constructed, they're engineered.

Buildings should not suffer ice dams on roofs or flooded basements. We are a structural engineering firm and that’s the difference we bring to a project. We understand that a well designed building actually “performs,” and why it’s built the way it is - or why it’s not performing the way it should. We approach each project as both hands-on construction veterans and highly disciplined construction engineers.

No other firm matches our unique construction expertise and capabilities.

  • Both construction and engineering experts
  • We not only see that problems are fixed, we eliminate them
  • Excellent relationship with multi-dwelling boards of directors
  • Over 100 successful multi-dwelling projects
  • Relationships with over 100 Minnesota contractors
  • Whole building inspection, assessment and construction capabilities
  • Relied upon by legal firms, insurance companies, management companies, builders and more
  • Strict attention to manufacturer specifications, so important for legal adherence
  • Construction arbiters
  • Hail and shingle damage assessment and claim adjustment
  • Knowledge of all Minnesota, US and international codes and requirements

img-03.jpgEvery construction project needs third party oversight and accountability.

From competitive bidding to materials selection to on-site building inspection and management, we’re your steward, acting strictly in your interest, not your suppliers’. Our mission is to maximize your building’s performance.

We save money, prevent headaches and our work lasts.

Our consulting services are fee-based. We don’t profit by cutting corners, avoiding codes, exceeding manufacturer specs, reducing safety measures or using substandard materials. We save you money by assuring best practices, industry-standard pricing and work that stands the test of time.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss potential defects at your property.