Storm Damage

Storm Damage Advocates On Your Side

Every year major weather events can cause damage to your building. In the Midwest we regularly experience wind damage, hail damage, excessive rain and snow, frost and ice heaving, tornadoes and other weather disasters. Some of the damage from these storms is easy to spot, but often issues arise that are not easily seen (or are discovered much later). Hiring a consultant to inspect for potential storm damage can protect homeowners from neglecting damage that has been recently caused and remedies that should be covered by their insurance company.

Another advantage to hiring a consultant to inspect your property for weather damage is having a consumer advocate on your side to help navigate negotiations with the contractors and insurance company. Minnesota state law now requires an unbiased third party to work through the claim process with your contractor and insurance company and Complete Building Solutions can be your advocate throughout the claim process.

Complete Building Solutions recommends that you have your property inspected by a third party consultant if you suspect damage has occurred. We will help you asses if you should involve a contractor or your insurance company and walk you through the complicated process. If you wait until issues arise, it may be too late to file a claim and have the remedy covered by insurance.


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