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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have worked with Rob at CBS for around 10 years now.  We started working together when our condo association needed a consultant for severe ice dams, attic insulation, and soffits for our condominium association.  There were many unknowns in the project and CBS and the chosen construction company were very honorable.  They made the right corrections we needed at their expense.  This was so refreshing in our business world today and we have used CBS since."  

"We again used Rob and CBS when we needed to regrade around our buildings.  It was a $750,000 + project, took two years and CBS took care of us along with our other wonderful vendors." 

"CBS also did a written detailed description of the new rain garden we needed to put in.  They did such a great job; we were awarded the largest amount of money given by the city of Bloomington.  It was because of the detail, representation and follow through CBS gave to Highpointe."

"Thank you Rob and CBS staff for a great working relationship.  Your work is appreciated and we will certainly call on you again."

 -Board President, Fridley Condo Building

"Looking at the bar chart on our latest Excel Energy bill, there is quite a difference between last December(2013) and this December(2014), quite a bit less natural gas used now compared to same time frame last year.  While we have had a warmer December this year compared to most years, I believe part of the savings in gas usage still comes from the roof and attic work done by you this summer."

"So, just wanted to say thanks to all involved.  The project was well worth it in my opinion, and it appears to be having tangible results in energy savings!"

-Board President, Unit Owner, Inver Grove Heights Townhome Complex


"Everything went well. The crews were polite and the grounds were cleaned as though nothing happened. As a board we debated many things about this big expense, but I know all of us who opted in will appreciate the benefits we gain from this project."

-Board President, Roseville Townhome Complex

"The Association recently hired CBS as a consultant to investigate a water intrusion issue into the underground garage. They quickly completed their intrusive testing which resulted in comments from homeowners on how impressed they were with how they left the site looking once the testing was completed. CBS then submitted a scope of work to address the water intrusion as well as bids to have the project completed. This project included two companies, one to perform the excavation and landscaping and another to complete the foundation flashing and waterproofing. The overall project was completed on time"

"Overall the Board of Directors, onsite caretaker, homeowners and Management Company feels that the job went very smooth. It was on time, within an acceptable range of the established budget, they had staff onsite almost daily and the end result as proposed has accomplished the Association's goals/objectives. I would definitely hire CBS again for they provided the Association with proper guidance and advise, and saw this project through to completion with raving results."

-Property Manager, Minnetonka Condo Building

“CBS was recommended to us by our management company for their consulting services. We were grateful for the suggestion as we not only needed roofers immediately, but required specialized assistance with the bidding process and careful project oversight. The project proved particularly challenging due to the fact that the roof was damaged severely in a historic storm. Further complications included the building’s unique and valuable nature, prized contents, multiple affected residents and unusually active storm season. Despite these difficulties, CBS provided exceedingly competent service from start to finish. Their assistance ranged from comparison of quotes to tear off/re-roofing to accommodating cranes and dumpsters. The project went very well, we received prompt and careful attention, and the roof has presented no problems since the date of installation.” 

"I was most appreciative of CBS's services and professionalism and recommend their company to other building owners and managers."

–Board President, Unit Owner, Minneapolis Condo Building

“Rob Vassallo went above and beyond for our association as he willingly attended four or five additional meetings that were not covered in the bid.” “Of the units that opted in for the insulation/ventilation portion of this project, all were completely satisfied and noticed considerable improvement in comfort immediately after the project was completed.”

-Unit Owner, Coon Rapids Townhome Complex

"We had some frost this morning, at least on the rooftops, and I was curious to see if frost lines would be visible now that the roof project is complete. Rob V mentioned prior to the roof project that, if frost lines are visible along the rafters(pictures before roof project started in April 2014, indicated frost lines along rafters), this was because unwanted heat was present in the attic and was warming the roof deck. I was happy that no apparent frost lines were visible from the roofs this morning!"

-Board President, Unit Owner, Inver Grove Heights Townhome Complex

"With Fall upon us, I've started turning the furnace on when needed. In years past when running the furnace, it was always noticeably colder in my upstairs rooms, as much as 5 - 8 degrees colder...which was very frustrating at night when trying to sleep. Now, however, the upstairs and downstairs temps are within 1 degree of each other and within 1 degree of the thermostat setting, making for much more even heating throughout my unit. (and the upstairs is even warmer!)"

"I can't speak for all units, of course, especially the end units as they have an additional exterior wall that the middle units do not, but overall I am very happy that the heating in my unit is more even."

"Between the early observation and the before and after of the frost lines on the roofs, it appears so far that the attic work and new roofs are doing exactly what we wanted them to...prevent heat loss."

-Board President, Unit Owner, Inver Grove Heights Townhome Complex

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