Townhome Complex / Bloomington, MN



Known Issues:

Complete Building Solutions was called by the property management company to inspect and assess several issues pertaining to water in the parking garages, ice dams and window leaks at the siding.


During inspection, Complete Building Solutions inspectors noticed hail damage at several siding locations. An insurance hail claim was initiated, the inspectors followed through with the hail claim and the complex was awarded $800,000 which covered a complete re-side and partial re-roof.

Complete Building Solutions also completed their initial assessment, met with the Board of Directors and was contracted to write a scope of repair and manage the capital improvement project which included Roofing, Siding, Insulation and Ventilation and Landscaping.


The complex underwent a complete and successful face lift. The new siding and roofing spruced up the four building complex with most of the cost covered by the insurance claim. The attics are now performing above industry standards with lower energy costs in the building by nearly 15%. This has helped the association save money and feel more comfortable in their units. Complete Building Solutions has continued to track the energy savings for this complex to ensure the long-term integrity of the project.

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