Moisture Intrusion

Save Your Home and Protect Against Moisture Intrusion

Water is the number one enemy for maintaining your buildings. Managing water throughout the building envelope can be one of the most difficult tasks in maintaining your property. Water can quickly lead to several problems in the envelope including rot, decay, ice dams and mold. Below is a list of some of the most common areas of leaks in any home along with some typical causes.

  • Windows: Improperly wrapped windows or lack of proper drip cap and flashing often leads to water entering the envelope.
  • Siding: Failure to install siding properly or improper wrapping can be the source of moisture intrusion.
  • Roofing: Nail pops, ice dams and other roofing issues can lead to leaks in your home. See one of our projects pertaining to roofing. 
  • Brick and stone facade: Lack of water management in these areas can be a cause for concern.
  • Negative Grade: Managing ground water to ensure all water runs away from the foundation is important to keep water from penetrating the living space. See one of our grade correction projects
  • Gutters: Managing roof water and redirecting it away from the foundation is another important step in managing moisture around the house.

All of these areas are important in protecting the building materials used in the construction of your buildings. Hiring a consultant to join your spring walkthrough or manage capital improvement projects can help ensure all of these areas are constructed properly to manage water throughout your complex.

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