Kickout Flashing…It’s Important!



Did you know that one small piece of metal could be the difference between a healthy home and a home with serious moisture intrusion problems?

This piece of metal is called KICKOUT FLASHING.


Kick out flashing can be found on roof to siding junctions where the wall extends out past the roof line. Rain is meant to run alongside of the wall and move into a gutter. However, it needs to be directed into a gutter by means of kickout flashing. Without this small detail, the water can migrate behind the siding and end up seeping into the wall. Remember, water seeks the path of least resistance. Leaks and serious damage occur this way.

Below is a picture of kick out flashing properly doing its job.

kick out Flashing

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When kick out flashing is missing, moisture will indefinitely infiltrate the home. Often times damage is occurring without the homeowner realizing. Some side effects are mold, mildew, rot, and an overall breakdown of building materials.

Below is a photo depicting missing kickout flashing. Notice the water staining and mildew on the sheathing (due to lack of kickout combined with improperly installed WRB).

Missing kick out flashing

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