Architects and Engineers Working Together


Architects and Engineers Working Together

“Architects put the dream on paper, but it is the engineers who help make that dream a physical performing reality.”

Architect. The artist, the creator, the theoretical thinker. The contributions these individuals make to building form, space, & aesthetics is paramount. They are trained to be adaptive which enables them to develop original solutions to intricate design problems within homes.

Engineer. The mathematician, the implementer, the system builder. Left brained engineers assure building performance through their structural and code knowledge. Safety and functionality of the building design is their main priority.

The mindset from which engineers and architects approach projects is very different. Because of this, collaboration between the two can make for an outstanding final project.

Our engineering firm, Complete Building Solutions, has hired architectural firms to help implement new designs within condo/townhome complexes throughout the Twin Cities. One project we collaborated on required us to convert an attic with a sprinkler system into an attic with draft stops. This sort of project is very intricate, and the input from our architect was very beneficial.

Architects hire Complete Building Solutions regularly to ensure that their plans are structurally sound. I had the opportunity to interview a phenomenal architect in the twin cities, Rick Storlien, to ask him what he most regularly hires engineering firms for. Rick’s firm, RDS Architects, deals with anything from room remodels to luxury home design.  He explained that in the past he rarely required engineering services because certain codes were not enforced. However, this past year has marked changed times and he now hires engineering firms on almost 50% of his projects to satisfy specific code requirements.  Typically, these projects consist of load bearing structures like beams, headers, & lateral bracing. It is the engineer’s duty to verify that these structures are safe & compliant with code through calculations and other measures. Complete Building Solutions does this sort of work all the time.

If you are an architect looking for engineering assistance, do not hesitate to call Complete Building Solutions today. We love collaborating to ensure that homeowners are delivered the highest caliber projects on the market. (612) 868-2922

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