Has your Home Inspection Left you Requiring an Engineer?




Home sales today often require the issuance of a Home Inspection. A home inspector’s report may cite issues and problems within homes that sometimes need an engineer/consultant to review. These may include foundation issues such as cracks in basement walls, moisture intrusion, bowed walls, alterations to foundations, ice dams, etc. Sometimes they include structural questions regarding load bearing capacity, structural changes made to existing walls, trusses or other structural members. These questions and issues are included in the inspector’s report in order to determine that the home is safe,  structurally sound, and that any modifications have been made appropriately.

Complete Building Solutions has been called on to provide both Sellers and Buyers with solutions to these Home Inspection questions.  If you find yourself needing a resolution to an issue discovered during a Home Inspection, please call Complete Building Solutions, LLC.  We will promptly assist you in resolving your question.

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